Voice and Swallowing Disorders

As an ENT specialist, Dr. Bailey works closely with highly trained speech pathologists to evaluate and treat a variety of voice and swallowing conditions.  Professionals who use their voice on a regular basis can encounter a wide array of voice difficulties and it is not uncommon to see singers, teachers, speakers and actors in our practice.  Dr. Bailey, along with the aid of a speech therapist, can work with clients of all skill levels whether it be the professional singer who performs on a regular basis or someone who just enjoys singing along to radio in the car.

  • Hoarseness
  • Varying voice quality
  • Discomfort or pain with speaking or singing
  • Frequent throat clearing
  • Chronic cough
  • Intermittent breathing difficulties

Dr. Bailey also sees those who have difficulty swallowing.  It is not uncommon for swallowing disorders to arise from the ear, nose and throat region.  Dr. Bailey is well familiar with the conditions that can cause trouble swallowing pills, liquids and even solids.  Working alongside experienced speech pathologists, swallowing difficulties are evaluated with the latest technology to help identify the source of the problem and provide appropriate therapies.

  • A sensation of a lump or something in the throat (a.k.a. globus sensation)
  • Coughing and choking while eating, drinking or simply swallowing saliva
  • Food, liquids or pills getting stuck in the throat
  • Regurgitation of liquid, pills or food after swallowing
  • Pain or discomfort with swallowing

Those who have undergone surgery for neck or other throat related conditions, may develop difficulty swallowing or speaking due to scar tissue or structural changes from the surgery.  If that is determined to be the case, Dr. Bailey and his team of speech pathologists are more than qualified to help improve proper swallowing and voice functionality.  Contact our office today to schedule an evaluation.