The Balloon procedure performed by St Bailey was life changing. I have no further sinus issues.

I came to Dr. Bailey for hoarseness after smoking for years. He found a mass in my throat and subsequently operated on me for a advanced Cancer involving my voice box.Although surgery and radiation were tough to go through, my voice is strong and to date I am disease free. I am so grateful.

Robert Uttendorf

I have seen a 90 % improvement of my chronic sinus problems since my Sinus procedure and now near completion of The immunotherapy program in the office! Life is great.

– Laura C Shaw

I am very pleased with my sinus procedure. I have had no infections for 6 months and my “sinus headaches” which occurred monthly are absent after Dr Bailey’s intervention. In addition my nasal airway is now open and my breathing is improved.

– Geoffrey Grubb

The balloon Sinuplasty performed by Dr Bailey helped resolve symptoms of my chronic sinusitis, relief of sinus pressure, headaches, and eliminated the chronic pressure behind my eyes.

– Mary Susan Brandt

The Balloon Sinuplasty performed by Dr Bailey has been of huge benefit. I did not realize fully until weeks after the procedure how much I was suffering from my chronic sinus issues, the narrowed openings to the sinus’s…. this has been a drastic improvement.

Benjamin R Hawkins

I suffered from Chronic sinus infections for years. I have had to take antibiotics and steroids repeatedly with recurrence of headache, sinus pain, and feeling horrible. Now all these symptoms have resolved and I am hopeful they never return.

– Ronald Vidra

I came to Dr Bailey with life long nasal breathing problems and worsening snoring. He diagnosed a severe nasal obstruction and since he “fixed” my septum I no longer snore and my nasal breathing is wonderful.

– Allen J Wesselmann

Dr Bailey performed a septoplasty on me for nasal airway obstruction … and I now breath GREAT, through my nose!

– Roma K Lawler

I offered to give my perspective on the Balloon Sinuplasty I had by Dr Bailey. I’m so pleased with my results…. I found the procedure to be easy, with relief of my prior sinus infections, and relief from longstanding Sinus pressure and pain. I am some grateful to you!

I have had sinus problems for years. Infections, congestion, drainage and nothing helped. I have been on antibiotics, allergy medications, steroids, and nasal sprays without much help … until I had Dr Bailey perform his Balloon procedure. Since the Balloon I feel like a new woman. I have more energy, I breath better, and I have not had any more sinus infections.

The Balloon Sinpuplasty performed by Dr. Bailey resulted in a 90 % improvement of my chronic sinus condition. I could not be more happy with my results.

– Bobbi GilcheistByrd

I underwent Balloon sinuplasty by Dr Bailey over a year ago and can say that I am very pleased with my outcome. I have had no further sinus problems, the procedure was painless, performed as an office procedure without general or IV sedation , and the recovery was relatively easy. I would rate this experience as a 10/10 in terms of success.

I️ have had years of sinus congestion, sinus pain, and associated headaches, for which I️ took antihistamines, nasal sprays, antibiotics, and steroids, with little improvement. Since the Balloon Sinuplasty by Dr Bailey I️ have been symptom free!

I would definitely recommend the Balloon procedure to other people.

– Anthony Allmon

I am very pleased with my results from Dr Bailey’s Balloon Sinuplasty. I am symptom free. 

– Norman Giere

The Allergy Program has been a benefit, however, the balloon Sinuplasty helped the most with elimination of sinus pressure, and headache caused by Sinusitis. I believe the Balloon procedure has made a huge difference in my health.

– Kathleen Singleton

I am a new person since the Balloon Sinuplasty with Dr Bailey. I no longer have sinus issues.

– Gary Hendrick

My Breathing has improved since the balloon sinuplasty. I have not needed my inhaler as often.

– Dena Adams

If every Medical procedure worked like this one (Balloon Sinuplasty), then I would be a very happy camper!

– Dianna L Pape

Dear Dr. Bailey,

I wanted to tell you how much the balloon sinuplasty you performed on me has helped me. Please use any of this testimonial as you see fit. Obviously, you did a great job and you and your staff have my eternal appreciation. Here’s my story:

For each of over 35 years I have been subject to multiple sinus infections. Back then I was diagnosed with sinusitis. I tried various sprays and prescription medicines. I was checked for allergies. Nothing worked.

What it ultimately boiled down to was that about 3 to 4 times a year I would need an antibiotic prescription to get rid of a sinus infection. If I waited too long It would usually turn into something that resembled bronchitis at least annually. I ended up just living with it.,

Then, last year, I grew concerned that a small lump I had in my throat might be cancerous. I made an appointment with ENT, Dr. Sean Bailey who came recommended to me. Dr. Bailey examined it and determined it was benign. But while looking at my scans, he noted that I had sinus disease. Asked whether I had any problems with pain. I said I don’t think about it much anymore. I just take antibiotics when I feel infection coming. I guess I just live with it. He asked how is my breathing. I told him that my sinuses slam shut sometime in the middle the night particularly in dry air conditions. I get sinus headaches often. I would go into a long period of drainage each morning when I got up. Often times I would take an OTC antihistamine to control it.,

He told me that the disease originated from sinuses that were malformed. And he said that the baloon sinuplasty would improve these.,

I had the procedure done in his office. The experience was pleasant, professional, and I was well informed about what to expect. I’m not saying that it was without minor discomfort. But since that surgery none, none of the aforementioned conditions have occurred. I feel good and I sleep very well. Incidentally, there are follow up appointments to make certain that everything was just right. So, this is just to say that balloon sinuplasty worked very well for me. And also to say that my high recommendation of Dr. Bailey is unreserved.

– Glenn Woodville

The procedure was the easiest thing in the world. My life has changed drastically as a result of the balloon procedure with Dr Bailey. No longer feeling congested. 

– Thomas Brannan

I can smell things now after my Balloon Sinuplasty. It has helped tremendously. I am really happy I did this.

– Christine M. Lewis

I had a cough for 10 years and difficulty swallowing for 20 years. Since following Dr Bailey’s recommendations of changing my diet, and taking the medication prescribed, I am no longer coughing!. This is incredible.

– Duane Orr

In my business, I expect my team to be right on.. That’s why I see Dr. Sean Bailey and his staff. When I leave his office I know what the issue is, the plan of attack and what to expect. This is the way I was built, this is what I prefer in my Physician.. And this is why they are on my team.

– Jim Naumann (The Boeing Company)

I feel better after my Balloon Sinuplasty. I can breath better and I am not having to use my pulmonary inhaler as much. Yes, I recommend Balloon Sinuplasty.

– Dena C. Adams

I’ve had no sinus infections since the Balloon; I had little discomfort during the procedure, and I am pleased with the results.

– Shannon Keller

I was comfortable throughout the procedure with little to no pain. I am very pleased with my results.

– William Bellstein

My entire experience with Dr. Bailey has been exceptional. He is very gentle and professional. He did a wonderful job doing the balloon surgery on my sinuses. It has been a life-changing experience…no more headaches, sound deep sleep, open sinuses and very little nasal congestion!!! Can’t say enough good things about the procedure and Dr. Bailey!!

– Mary Q. Ochs

My first week was rough, my second week better, now in the third week I am breathing better than I ever have through my nose, and my quality of life is so much better.

– Daniel J Pinkston

I was feeling terrible, could not breath at night, sinus pressure… since the procedure in the office I am feeling much better, my wife states I am less crabby and overall my attitude has improved after Balloon Sinuplasty.

– Tom Bresnahan

I am pleased with my Balloon procedure. I have much less facial pain, decrease facial pain, decrease in the frequency of headaches, and I breath better too.

– Kathleen Halbauer

I wish I would have done this two years ago. I am very happy… headaches are much improved. I recommended this Balloon procedure by Dr. Bailey to six people.

– Lewis Hill